Yariasjonar over eie stille (Silence and Variations)
Risto Holopanien - 1997

Yariasjonar over eye stille (Silence en Variations) is based upon two poems by the composer, originally written in Swedish, although here they appear translated by Elin Lotsberg into her own West Norwegian dialect. Her readings of the poems - with widely differing characters, ranging from the childishly playful to darkest depression - provided the sonic and structural material for the entire composition. But this composition does not rely so much on the semantic aspects of the text. On the contrary, it seeks to draw attention to the musicality inherent in speech, for example by presenting 'blown- up' versions of some of the phrases that emphasize their melodic contour and emotional content. The material was recorded at the Norwegian Academy ofMusic and the work was realized at NoTAM (Norwegian network for Technology, Acoustics and Music) in October 1997.