Adam Jansch - 2006

"Imagine a particle in a vortex. You are that particle."

Vortex is Adam Jansch's first multi-channel sound work, written for an equidistant ring of eight speakers. It was the third of three pieces submitted for the main portfolio of his Composition (Studio) MMus programme at Goldsmiths College.

The sound world of Vortex was created from a one-take recording of electric guitar loops built up using a Boss DD-6 delay pedal. This was sent through a process in which eight streams of the guitar material had equitemporal delays applied, which linearly ramped down to zero over the course of the piece.

The result of this multi-phasic process, when each stream is sent to an individual speaker, is an intense sonic experience, as the speakers' outputs go in and out of phase, finally fusing and collapsing together in a maelstrom of sound.