The three little p...
Pierre Alexandre Tremblay - 2010

Duration: 13'

(Les trois petits c...)

to Hilke

"L'avenir de l'homme, c'est la femme."
- Louis Aragon, Le fou d’Elsa

This piece, which at a glance might look on light side, is an ode to the resilience of women. With its working title being ‘a woman in Berlin’, the project is born of an immense admiration for a young woman of my surrounding that now lives this very city, and that have won two fights against cancer. Around the same time, I was reading this famous book, the diary of another young woman through the occupation of Berlin by the Russian army in 1945, and I could not stop being astonished by the capacity of women to find a place for happiness in these times of immense hardship. By using a simple story as a narrative backbone, I hope to give a hint at the contagious happiness of these exceptional being faced to adversity. They are forever my models.