Stoop WW
Jamie Fawcus - 2009

Duration: 11'

This piece is a compositional speculation into the experiences of the ancient ritual participant. Through this project i wanted to explore the possible processes in the mind of an individual involved in the rituals that took place in ceremonial/burial chambers such as New Grange in Ireland and Kiviksgraven in southern Sweden. It has been established that these places were actively used by people for many hundreds of years, rather than sealed off and left as undisturbed resting places, and as such they fascinate me, driving me to write Stoop. What sounds would have dominated such a burial site chamber?- Sounds specific only to that place; separate from it's surroundings, enclosed and claustrophobic: Breathing, footsteps and heartbeats. Other sounds filtered or modulated by the chamber itself could be different 4000 years later - trees cut down, birds and animals vanished or extinct. It is not too great a leap to suggest that breath and footsteps within these spaces would sound the same today, magnified by the imagination and composition into something much more. Breathing and footfalls are the starting points for Stoop, and after working closely with the dancer and choreographer Ulrika Wedin in the dance performance project Vinkelben these sounds remained clear in my thoughts, eventually giving rise to this purely acousmatic piece. These sounds draw the listener into dancer's focus and awareness of her physical prescence, surroundings and emotional and mental states. Stoop builds upon these closely recorded moments and patterns, moving through imaginary spaces and speculative visions. Stoop is a collection of camera perspectives on the ritual participant, built from the sounds of the body in motion, filtered through the lense of the acousmatic.