Respiri/Breaths [aline]
Maria Castro, Francesco Arena - 2007

Duration: 15'

Maria Castro (Music)/Francesco Arena (Video)

The project is based on the interaction between video, sound and dance: bi-chromatic images of human beings breathing behind a glass are confronted with the sounds created by a line-up of international musicians, composers and sound artists, as well as the performance of live dancers. The idea was to use sound and body expression in order to bring to life the emotions portrayed by the video images. The videos consist of total of 23 faces (12 males and 11 females) which were filmed separately for 15 minutes each and without any breaks, in one long take. Their mouths breathe silently in front of the camera, like fishes trapped inside a fishbowl - which can be understood as a metaphor about communication and deep emotional states. RESPIRI [aline] uses a text in both Italian and French languages. The Italian text was adapted from the original libretto of Monteverdi's opera written by Giacomo Badoaro. The French text is a free adaptation of the translation of the libretto by Jacques Fournier, and also includes some original text written by myself.