Resonances WW
Jamie Fawcus - 2010

Duration: 10'

Resonances is a piece for EAM and Theremin + processing, written primarily for performance by the composer and musician Lars Bröndum. This piece builds on the ideas explored in my earlier work Stoop, but focuses more on the specific area of standing waves in European Neolithic and Bronze Age chamber graves. Archaeological research shows that practically all of these constructions have a strong resonant frequency between 95 – 112 Hz, frequencies strongly present in the human voice, particularly that of the male voice when chanting or singing in a low register. This fact along with other archaeoacoustic findings inspired me to build a piece around these frequencies and shifting microtonal movement. I chose the Theremin for it’s specific sound and ready integration into and electronic sound world, along with the physical presence it creates along with the performer. Resonances creates an imaginary “chamber “ in 4 channels for the former to partly follow, partly interpret in his or own personal ritual.