Preludes WW
Nigel Morgan - 2000

for guitar and computer-driven synthesisers

At the Electric Spring Festival in I998 I heard a performance by Alan Thomas of Steve Reich's Electric Counterpoint. It seemed to me this wonderfully positive and uplifting music could do with a companion piece, so the invitation to write for Alan Thomas seemed to offer the perfect opportunity to attempt it. The starting point for Preludes is not only the Reich composition but also the sound of guitarist Pat Metheny who first recorded Reich's piece. Preludes require a similar simplicity of sound and technical delivery as well as the same relentless musical synchronicity and democracy of music a! events. There are four Preludes which can be arranged in any order by the soloist as each prelude is based on the same complex tonality 'shape' (b 2 d 4 c# 5 b& 4 a 5 f 5 e 6). Throughout, the guitar plays with, and round and against this tonality.