Nouvelles Etudes WW
Pascal Gobin - 1997

New Studies for electric guitar and synthesiser with electronic keyboard, trombone and double bass obligato

This piece is based on some work which began in 1991 and which was carried on as a rather special kind of personal journal in which, seen from the outside, each new version takes the place of the previous one. In fact, is my intention to imagine this work like living material (for example, a high quality wine) which will improve with age . Each "new version" is the visible manifestation of a working process rather than a complete work. But all this apart, it is certainly better to listen first and talk after. That is to say that my intentions as composer in writing these lines are directed more towards one moment in time (the concert) than towards an object (the work) both from the point of view of the sound itself (envisage, in the continuity and complexity of the living moment, as the opposite of an object) and by rapport to that unique tension of the concert situation. This is one of the reasons why, since I care about true radicalisation, I have chosen an ensemble of instruments performing live.