Neptune's Children (on the edge of Chaos)
Douglas Doherty - 1999

Neptune's Children is not a programmatic work, in that there is no specific story shaping the development of the work. It is made up of very dynamic, almost physical sound objects but these are not based on any particular visual or narrative images. Nevertheless there is a very clear sense of unfolding development and resolution, within a kind of submerged world.

The sounds used are nearly all synthesised. Simple sounds are combined and shaped to create complex movement around a 3 dimensional space. As the piece develops these are combined with other series of sounds; often there may be as many as 50 or more generations of material creating what have been described as "lush" dynamic textures building to a climax, which leads into a more stable relaxed resolution. Invisibly underpinning the whole structure is a very simple harmonic progression and hints of a melodic fragment.

Acknowledgements: This work was realised in the Hopkins Studio at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne and at Mjumbo Studios. I would like to thank Charlie McGovern for all his help in the early days of the composition and Ron Berry for the acoustically modelled sounds used at various stages in the piece.