Ricardo Clement - 1998

The concept: this piece has been written interpreting New York Stock Exchange statistics data as the "score" of the composition. Some important economic and social events of the last 110 years have been selected (in terms of data); the industrial revolution, 1929 Black Friday, the unpredictable financial markets of the nineties, etc.

Technical development: most of the composition was realized in Csound environment and mixed in Protools24, from January to April 1998, using Queen's University School of Music facilities and under the supervision of Dr Michael Alcorn, Director of the Electroacoustic Department.

The composer's aim: in a century where individuality has become much more important than the group, it would be advisable to think that every individual action is important but humanity's work is much more important. The global addition of our daily work will be the history of the future, and we should live with this responsibility.

"In this composition each note is a number, a statistic, and each number is a symbol representing the effort of thousands of people's work around the world. We are writing day to day the human race's success and mistakes that our children will have to live with. "

NYSE is included in a package of compositions called Musicoho(phy)2 as a bridge of connections between music, economy and philosophy. These three disciplines have importance in the composer's life.