Metallurgie UK
Luc Döbereiner - 2017

Metallurgie (2017) for piano, thunder sheet and live-electronics aims to create a transforming sonorous body that incorporates the piano and the thunder sheet as interconnected parts of a sound synthesis network that is characterised by feedback processes. Sound traverses this network as a digital signal, physical vibrations, electrical voltage and as an audible phenomenon. Exploring the physical properties of the instruments, the actions of the performers a ect the state of this network by means of the timbral characteristics of their sound results. However, the connections between the different parts themselves—both instruments and the components of the live-electronics—undergo changes throughout the piece. This leads to contingent and ephemeral couplings or transductions of sonorous behaviours that emerge and break down. The title alludes to the metallic nature of the instruments as well as to metallurgic process that produce identity through continuous material variations.