Marcelle Deschênes - 1985

Duration: 23'16

“An architecture starts living. The visual space emerges from a shape-shifting stage sculpture that is tied to the sonic imagination and the mobile images. These sculptural entities in constant mutations, protagonists in a mineral dream, are living their lives cut off from mankind.” -Renée Bourassa

On the subject of primitive, mythical light as an object of knowledge, the various forms of stage play are reminiscent of the repeated cycle of beginnings and endings. One finds in it the ever-present vibration of a vital energy, the dualities between power and fragility, outer and inner worlds, expansion and relaxation. The kaleidoscope of sensations and emotions, bellies and knots stacked in levels, creation and destruction of a universe looking for its own meaning.

Lux contains quotes from the following music works: OUT (1985) and Quarks’ Muzik (1983) by Alain Thibault, and deUs irae (1984) (self-referential). It also quotes the writings of Georges Bernard Shaw, Ernest Rutherford, Robert Oppenheimer, Emmanuel Kant and Renée Bourassa.