La Buse variable
Olivier Messiaen - 1956

In the Dauphiny, la Matheysine. The broad open countryside of Petichet, at the end of Lake Laffrey, beneath the bald mountains of the Grand Serre.

The cry of the Buzzard as it cries to and fro. It circles, the orbits of its flight covering the whole landscape. It descends slowly.

1st couplet
Chaffinch, Yellowhammer, Mewing of the Buzzard. Refrain of the Mistle Thrush.

2nd couplet
The same, with the Goldfinch also. Refrain of the Mistle Thrush.

3rd couplet
The Swallows. A red-backed Shrike gives the alarm. Combat: six Carrion Crows mob the Buzzard for its prey. Deep ferocious cawings from the one, grated fluttering and weird mewing from the other. Refrain of the Mistle Thrush. Hurried strophes of the Whitethroat.

The cry of the Buzzard; it circles slowly, soaring upwards.