Paul Webb - 1999

Format: A discarded kettle that has sounds emanating from within
Duration: Continuous

I want a cup of tea
Hurry up
With that cup

The kettle was found in an abandoned, derelict house in Bristol and its obsolete and disintegrated aesthetic prompted me to think about the identity of the kettle, its purpose, the possible associations it had during its working lifetime and now, dysfunctional, how it had been discarded.
I decided to transform its functionality into a ghostly replication of its possible original intention and recorded the sounds of making a cup of tea - a common cultural activity in this country associated with many occasions and rituals. The sound of the process is repeated in a continuous loop, progressively transformed by adding reverberation - slowly destroying the source relationship toward an acousmatic nature. The transformation provides a conceptual parallel between the sound's simulation and the kettle's original gradual dysfunctioning, then a renewed purposed as the process restarts. An anthropomorphization can be made by thinking that the recordings are memories of its past life, flashing past the eyes of the kettle as it dies.