Jacob dreaming
Andrew Lovett - 1994

Jacob dreaming was composed in the Electronic Music Studio at the Musikakademie der Sladl, Basel, Switzerland and in Cambridge, England. lt was inspired by a visit to the stained-glass windows by Marc Chagall in the Fraum√ľnster in Zurich. One of these is devoted to the Hebrew Patnarch, Jacob. In a beautiful, predominantly blue composition, Jacob is shown asleep, apparently floating in air, surrounded by complex and vivid images from his dream.

The musical material for the piece derives from a short introductory passage played by the violinist. A pre-recorded version of this music was used to generate sound material for sampling. The violin part threads an independent course through a dreamscape created with the electroacoustic music which progressively transforms the sounds from the beginning of the piece.

I see this as being somewhat analogous to Jacob's status in the Chagall window; he floats in the middle of the window amongst all the other images. He is both the dreamer and the creature of his dreams.