Tom Williams - 1998

Interference is a tape piece composed in the summer of 1998. It originates from a multimedia dance project directed by Guy Hilton, through Manchester's Digital Summer and North West Arts, which involved the work of nearly 40 choreographers, the computer animation programmme Lifeforms, live dancers and a longer dance version of this music. The entire project went under the title of Interference and was performed in the Green Room, Manchester with a live webcast in September. The piece you hear now is a reworked concert version.

Interference. The music, is generated from a single source - a cello. All the sonic structures that you hear were once simply cello. I say simply but this is really a complete fiction as my starting point was from the extraordinarily complex playing of the virtuoso cellist Francis Marie Uitti and her wonderful 1710 instrument, Sir Carlo Tononi. The composition takes certain contemporary cello techniques and weaves, moulds, shapes them finding new expression and fantasy I would like to think it dances, dances with may shades and twists.