East London Scenes
Katharine Norman - 1992/3

In London, as in all large cities, even a short walk can involve abrupt transitions from one sonic, and social, environment to another. The source sounds for this piece were recorded in and around London E17, which I consider to be my home 'patch'. They range from gardens, churchbells and children's voices to markets, cafes, road drills and trains. Although there is quite a lot of sound-processing, it is intentionally surreptitious. I used it instead to 'light' these short sonic films, to let the so-called ordinary shine through - a recorded remembrance of time and place, of people living, laughing, and getting on with their day-to-day lives.

East London Scenes was composed in 1992-3, is in three movements and is dedicated to Paul Lansky. It was created on a NeXT computer at Princeton University, using CSound, Cmix and other sound-editing software.