Iain McCurdy - 1999

For this piece l have tried to consider the possible relationships that can exist between natural and unnatural sound and between natural and unnatural gestures. Sounds generated by man-made substances and those of natural substances typically repel, but by exaggerating hidden similarities between the sounds they are reduced to a common ore. By imitating naturally occurring rhythmic gestures, governed by physical laws such as friction, tensile force, gravity and elasticity, with a new underlying sound, ambiguity can again be induced. Both cases force the listener to question assumptions made about the originality of sounds they have heard and ultimately whether such assumptions are beneficial to the understanding of sound at all.

The kind of interactions between sounds which ensue in the piece veer between dialogue and duologue. Sounds may fuse or repel, sounds may trigger subsequent sounds like a sonic Newton's Cradle and sounds may seamlessly segue into one another drawing out their hidden similarities.

In the end, the need for a sense of logical movement has been the overriding concern in the composition of this piece. In this way the piece can hopefully emerge as something more than a mere display o f computer music technique.