Michael McNabb - 1978

Dreamsong is a careful blend of synthesised sound and recorded natural sounds that have been digitally processed or resynthesized. The result, termed a 'classic of the genre' by New Yorker critic Andrew Porter is an expressive sonic continuum ranging from unaltered natural sounds to entirely new sounds - or, more poetically - from the real world to the realm of the imagination. This widely influential work was one of the earliest to achieve, through the precision of digital processing, a smoother integration of these two elements than was previously possible in either studio-produced electronic music or live performance.

In Dreamsong, the listener is repeatedly drawn in by references to familiar music, vocal and environmental material, only to be transported into a vivid alien landscape by an unexpected and surprising sonic manipulation. Constant transformations of timbre and texture, fluid shifting between familiar sounds and imaginary musical images, and illusory spatial movement
all combine to powerful musical effect. An extended melodic line adds a strong thread of continuity.