Dazed by the Haze
Frank Lyons - 2002

(Homage to Hendrix)

Dazed by the Haze was written for Darragh Morgan as a result of our shared interest in the music and persona of Jimi Hendrix. The somewhat tongue-in-cheek title refers to the fact that the piece was inspired by the Hendrix classic Purple Haze.

The structure of Dazed by the Haze loosely follows that of a live recording I heard of Purple Haze in which Hendrix, after opening with the familiar riff-verse-riff format, shifts gear suddenly in the middle of the piece to unleash an incandescent blues solo, before effortlessly returning to the riff-verse-riff material and ending with a virtuosic cadenza.

Most of the violin material is derived from pitch collections and rhythmic figures gleaned from the many transcriptions I have made of different versions of Purple Haze,. and the overall on-the-edge character of the solo part is intended as a homage to the Hendrix guitar style. The tape part is constructed using transformations of samples taken both from the violin and from recordings of Purple Haze. The relationship between the violin and tape in the piece is modelled on the approach adopted by Hendrix when using special effects and sonic transformation - the tape part plays a subservient role, being used to subtly expand the sound world created by the soloist.