Cornish Voices
Dennis Wiehahn - 1997

In the autumn of 1997 I was lucky enough to be living in the Cornish town of Fowey and the window in my studio looked straight on to the sea and the harbour - this piece was made from two recordings: one in Fore Street, Fowey; the other in St Austell's pedestrian precinct - the recordings were layered and manipulated into five, stereo, five tone drones which were then layered again and organised using an interpretation of the dynamics of wave formations - as one falls into silence another is already building in either the right, left or centre of the stereo field.

This piece is an attempt to portray my emotions about Cornwall - which I once thought centred on landscape but now realise depend on people, weather, coastline, villages, friends, rivers, boats, memories, hedgerows, views, the moors, industry, ships, picnics, houses, seaweed, beaches, rocks ... all of which are dependent not just on the ancestral Cornish but all those who live in Cornwall.