Camera Down
Mark Pilkington - 2010

Duration: 13'


The piece shares a symbiotic connection to the auditory and visual senses prescribe in the composition, a sort of a metaphysical convergence, an interplay between the two perceptual organisms of the eye and the ear. The sound world of the piece represents a dualistic approach between naturalistic and synthetic sound and visual materials. Rollercoaster ride through a landscape of sound and light energy patterns; revealing unfamiliar and familiar places. A dialogue between action and re-action a consequence of events through time. Impossible physical scenarios arise from a maelstrom of evocations placed between desire and experience, the interpenetrations and displacements that occur between various stimuli. Hopefully, the piece has the ability to generate overwhelming emotional impact exclusively from cinematic and electroacoustic methodologies, not thematic content. Sound material comprises of field recordings from rock quarries, farm machinery, birds, metallic impacts and synthesized sounds. Visual material comprises of computer-generated graphics, original oil paintings and found film footage.