By-law 2531 , City of Vancouver WW
Peter Manning - 1995

By-law 2531, City of Vancouver is based on material drawn from the archives of the World Soundscape Project at Simon Fraser University. British Columbia. One of the primary objectives of the WSP is to achieve a better understanding ot the nature of sound in the environment, and its impact on our quality of life. Although many attempts have been made to regulate urban sources of sound pollution over the years few have achieved any lasting success. By-law 2531, introduced by the City of Vancouver in an attempt to stem the noise of street traders is a classic early example of such legislation, doomed inevitably to failure. This work is a commentary on the competitiutt between (wo)man and nature to dominate the acoustic landscape of this part of Canada, from the sounds of starlings under Burrard Bridge to those of industrial yards and recreation parks. The transformation of these aural images is achieved by means of granular synthesis using the GSAMX facilities at SFU and the digital mixing facilities at the University of Durham.