Bodied Chambers
Patricia Alessandrini - 2014

Bodied Chambers is somewhat outside of the standard instrument and electronics model, as it does not involve sending electronic sound through speakers, but rather through the body of the cello itself. After some conversations about this project and our respective research on interaction and the 'prosthetic body', we decided that in Bodied Chambers, all of the technology will be placed on the body of the performer, rather than on the body of the cello.

This technology enables Seth to capture the sound of the cello -in part through the resonance of his own body - and re-transmit that sound through the instrument. Within this feedback loop, the sound of the cello is processed in real-time, creating the illusion of altering the resonant properties of the instrument itself. This latter aspect is informed by current research by the Active Musical Instruments including Virtual Adjustments (IMAREV) research project at IRCAM, led by Adrien Mamou-Mani.

This 'pre-première' version is in a somewhat experimental stage, allowing us to improvise somewhat with both the musical material and its live processing.