Monty Adkins, James Saunders - 2000

The composition of #160301 was a collaborative process. We decided in advance on a time structure and then each created a number of short modules: the cello and tuba material is mine, and the two CDs are by Monty. The CDs each contain fifty-five tracks of differing length (some of which are silent) and are to be played in a random order in the performance. The instrumentalists have a number of modules which they can choose to play at any of the given timed entry points spanning the twenty minutes of the piece. The results are never the same, as different simultaneities will occur in each performance. Listening therefore becomes a more open, listener-centred process: the network of possible relationships encourages the search for points of contact between material and your own route through the piece.

The cello and tuba material also forms part of #[unassigned]. an ongoing project to create a series of flexible compositions. Individual versions are modular in their construction, with units (individual short pieces. drones, fragments, silence) being detachable, and appearing in other compositions within the series, which varies with regards to duration, instrumentation and deployment of material.