Freida Abtan - the hands of the dancer

the hands of the dancer is a 21-minute HD audiovisual composition inspired by the logic of dream narrative. A man sleeps and dreams of a dancing girl who multiplies and shimmers like the desert. Her image mutates and becomes the landscape of the dream. She looks into a mirror and appears next counting peacock feathers while another presence takes her place, making contact with the dreamer.

This video explores the multiple ways that movement and form can be abstracted through surface and temporal manipulation, as well as the defining sensory relationship that exists between sound and image in time-based composition. The narrative evokes a dreamscape in which characters exchange identity and develop through physical transformation. The sounds and images depicted are inspired by traditional Baladi form and are meant to evoke a state in which these bodily gestures convey secret meanings that need not resort to language.

the hands of the dancer uses footage of Andrea Fryett, Olivia Li, and David Drury.