Marcelle Deschênes - Indigo

Duration: 10'40

“… a ribbon around a bomb.” - André Breton
“Neither the inner world nor the outer world is a bed of roses.” - Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Part 1: Peur apprivoisée (Tamed Fear) (Blue Beard, Charles Perrault)
Knowing how to browse to gain access to the darkest secrets. Accessing isolated lairs. Not being afraid of the wound that will not stop bleeding. Following the fearsome intruder who turns crossroads into closed roads. Daring to open the door hiding everything that has been destroyed. Acknowledging and taming this malign force to avoid its destructive energy.

Part 2: Trame de tension (Weft of Tension) (Snow-white and Red-rose, Jacob Grimm, Wilhelm Grimm)
A world where roses have no thorns does not portray the realities of life. It needs a bear coming with the roughness of winter. So that darkness can make sense, forgetting the horizon-less Eden and letting the anger - so full of vital energy - explode. Tapping back into the instinct of claws and teeth to pick oneself up and defend.


Pierre Alexandre Tremblay