Marcelle Deschênes - Big Bang II

Duration: 7'40

“Endlessly oscillating between light and darkness, Big Bang II is simultaneously a requiem, a gloria and a Halleluiah celebrating the fragile paths of Mankind’s destiny…” -Georges Dyens

In a postnuclear setting where all trace of human life has vanished, crushed remnants emerge from the layers of sand and stone, and the fragments of memory burst through the shadow mouths forming, singing, shutting up, screaming. An extravagant symbol evoking at the same time spiritual or emotional connections and social commentary, this very short representation becomes an imaginary journey, poetic and sidereal, full of the distress generated by our collective fear of the end of the world.

Big Bang II was designed for a strange technological planet created by holographic sculptor Georges Dyens for a multimedia installation comprised of holographic sculptures, lighting, optical fiber and electroacoustic music, all this set in motion by a programmed synchronization system.


Jean-François Laporte