Alex Harker - Fractures

Duration: 6'

Thoughts crystallise, become atmosphere. Ambiences contract, seize up, splinter. Everything within; the eye sees in all directions. Fractures seeks to bring together previously disparate strands of my musical life, the roles of performer, programmer, engineer and improviser. All the material was ‘performed’ in the studio, either instrumentally or electronically via the use of hardware controllers and audio analysis-driven control. Sample manipulation was carried out in custom-written software allowing explicit gestural control in combination with strongly parameterised pseudo-random processes. This flexible hybrid approach enabled the creation of sophisticated and distinct sonic behaviours in a highly immediate and organic manner. Underlying the transparent interaction with the computer in the studio is a sophisticated audio engine capable of radical warping of samples, dynamic filtering and real-time audio descriptor matching of sample material. The musical forms concern the intertwining of multiple layers musical material; some sonic, some harmonic, others strongly gestural and yet more largely textural in nature. Out of these layers constellations emerge suddenly, only to recede moments later as an unexpected gesture spins out into a new musical space, leaving the material surface fractured...



Alex Harker