Kaija Saariaho - Lohn

Duration: 20'

The title Lonh, meaning far away or distant, comes from the old Provençal language, in which the text is sung. The text itself, a poem about love from afar, famous among scholars of mediaeval poetry, is attributed to the mediaeval troubadour Jaufré Rudel. Formally, the piece loosely follows the form of the poem, and is thus divided into nine sections. Some of the symmetrical and repeating aspects are found in the solo soprano part, which as such uses rather freely the elements for the original text, so that the resulting text is rather a collage based on Rudel’s song. In the electronic part, one can hear the text in three languages: Occitan (Provençal), French and English. The texts in Occitan were read by the poet Jacques Roubaud - who has intensively studied this poem and also translated it into French - and also by Julie Parsillé, a young French girl. The French version was read by Jean-Baptiste Barrière, and the English text by Dawn Upshaw, whose recorded singing voice is also part of the sonic material heard from the electronic part. The work for the electronic part has been realized in IRCAM with the assistance of Gilbert Nouno, and with the help and supervision of Jean-Baptiste Barrière.

Augmented Voice - Peyee Chen
Phipps Concert Hall



Peyee Chen