Max/MSP Powerusers Symposium 2010

The fourth annual symposium brings together some of the most advanced users of Max/MSP to discuss and share ideas. The symposium provides an open informal forum to present new ideas as well as swap code and forge new collaborations. P.A. Tremblay will discuss his use of ftm-based concatenative synthesis (Diemo Schwartz's CataRT) in the design of his new laptop+bass instrument Sandbox#3. Dave Bessell will talk about convincing physical models for real time performance in Max/msp, with some illustrations from his piece Ophidian, for flute physical model. Alex Harker will discuss recent approaches to making complex and dynamic patches in MaxMSP - strategies include the development of reusable and reliable externals for MaxMSP. Oli Larkin will talk about some of his latest work, including new effects designs and externals. Scott Hewitt will be the odd person out by discussing new applications in ChucK.

Phipps Concert Hall

Guest Speakers

Dave Bessell
Alex Harker
Scott Hewitt
Oli Larkin