Pierre Alexandre Tremblay - Le tombeau des fondeurs

Duration: 16'

(The Tomb of the Casters)

To Messiaen, Stravinsky, Varèse, and other casters

The bell caster knows what he is doing: he has a clear idea of a sound, and despite the elements that are against him, he will know how to mix the alloy, to cast the form, and to refine the rough to give it the sonic aura dreamed of, where timbre and pitch are one.

He will also give to humanity an eternal inheritance. Because once tuned, the bell will keep forever the imprint of its caster, of dazzling beauty, of radiating power, but not without a hint of melancholy, especially when heard at distance, through the fog…

How to resist to this mermaid’s call? Should we not trust this goddesses’ chant to avoid a shipwreck? Let us pay them a tribute, and try to outlast them!


Pierre Alexandre Tremblay