Joseph Hyde - Nekyia

This was a collaboration with Alaric Sumner, writer and performer, who very sadly and suddenly died shortly after it was completed. This documented version (incorporating his performance) is dedicated to him. Here’s what we wrote about the piece: The ‘nekyia’ is a night sea journey, a descent into the underworld or into the belly of a sea monster, and a meeting with the dead. It is a myth which occurs in many cultures in different forms and symbolises the struggle towards spiritual or psychological revelation and transformation. Nekyia is a work for speaker, singer, electroacoustic music and video. It could be read as a study of the ‘nekyia’ myth itself or a descent into psychological depths (the dreamworld). Formally, it might be considered an exploration of the sonic elements of text (the relationship between sound and language and the sound in language). However, it is also a piece which aims to resist unification, keeping all its different themes in dynamic motion.



Joseph Hyde