Tristrum Cox – Wendego

Duration: 15'

The wendego or windego (depending on the country in which it is described) is a creature that inhabits the wild and lonely places. It finds its prey in those who spend too long alone and swoops down. What it does varies, in some accounts it merely follows you on the edge of your sight but always present, in the breaking of a twig, or a voice on the wind. Eventually the person would turn mad and run headlong to their doom in the forest, this is the version of the story that has inspired me most in this piece. Other stories however involve the beast devouring the person, causing them to run so fast that their feet set on fire or, in more unpleasant and grizzly tales creating a cannibalistic blood lust.

I have created an electro acoustic-piece that uses a single performer, inspired by the theme’s of operatic aria’s, using both audio and visual sources in order to tell this story.

This piece stems from my experiences in Amsterdam where I spent a week with Steim (Studio for Electro Instrumental Music) this year. Whilst there I explored the software and tools that Steim use, and was exposed to some fantastic examples of electro-acoustic music. Whilst there I also managed to see Waiting for the Barbarians an opera with music by Philip Glass. The various pieces and experiences merged into an idea to create something that would combine these ideas which was the inspiration to write this piece.

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Tristrum Cox