Mark Bokowiec + Julie Wilson-Bokowiec - Hand-to-Mouth: Ventriloquism

For vocalist/performer, the Bodycoder System with live MSP.
New work in-progress

A digital slight-of-hand, an act of interactive puppetry, a feat of electro-acoustic ventriloquism. Hand-to-Mouth is the second in a cycle of three interactive vocal works. In this piece the acoustic voice of the performer is so heavily processed that it is almost unrecognisable. Only the energy of the voice and the élan of the physical gestures of the puppet hand betrays the flesh and blood presence of a human ventriloquist. What we are presented with is the technological puppetry of the hands that manipulate the sound and navigate a course through a digital environment: a conversation between utilitarian and expressive gestures.

The piece is composed using four variable delay lines with pitch and delay controls, six granular pitch shifters, variable ring modulator objects, multi-tap delays and multiple loop buffers for live sampling and the building of complex multi-phonic soundscapes. There are no pre-recorded soundfiles used in this piece and no external sound manipulations. The piece is fully scored with few moments of improvisation.


Mark Bokowiec