Pre-Concert Talk - Robert Normandeau

Onomapoeia Cycle
The use of the voice in electroacoustic music works.

The onomatopoeia interested me because it’s the only case in the human language where the sounds are directly related to the action or the feeling they describe. If you don’t like something, you use a sound that reflects that: “beurk” for example. One can also observes that onomatopoeias are «universal», even if slight differences appear in different langages — a dog barks differently in French, English of German — but essentially the «color» of the sound is the same.

Presentation of the cycle that includes the works Bédé (1990), Éclats de voix (1991), Spleen (1993), Le renard et la rose (1995), Palimpseste (2005).

Drama Studio 1

Guest Speaker

Robert Normandeau