Françoise Barrière - Dessus la Mer

Duration: 27' 30

The starting point for Dessus la Mer came from Rabelais’ text ‘Paroles gelées’. During the three last years of its composition, the project was significantly enlarged : musical fragments, such as Rabelais’ ‘Paroles Gelées’, seem to come from very far away, reappearing out of my childhood and the memory of my youth. These fragments rise and slide along time in the shape of blocks of ice, or during a phase of progressive thaw. All around them, audible or not, depending on the fact we are wide or close-up, natural sounds surround them: animals, earth and water elements, wind... draw an imaginary and at same time quite real landscape of a savage and genuine environment. It makes up a large counterpoint to the musical ‘waves’. So we can hear the music on three various levels : the first evolution of such music in thawing development, the second from an autobiographic point of view and consequently characteristic of a generation, my own one, including its particular tastes and matters of interest; finally it is an eager pleading for a state of nature and civilisation upon our planet which I am much devoted to, in symbiosis with a certain idea of life and human nature that I am afraid of seeing them all soon disappear. Thanks to René Zosso whose voice is present in this recording. Dessus la mer, in which we hear, at the end of the piece, (a fragment singing by René Zosso), is a french traditional music song.

Dessus la Mer
Portrait Concert - IMEB
Drama Studio 1


Françoise Barrière