The Suicided Voice - Mark Bokowiec & Julie Wilson-Bokowiec

For vocalist/performer, Bodycoder System with live MSP, computer graphics & live video streaming. (additional video footage courtesy Francesca da Rimini)

The title of the work is derived from Antonin Artaud who writing about the art of Vincent van Gogh suggested that an artist must ‘suicide’ – sacrifice and let go of the received conditions of his art and materials in order to reach a point of authenticity and innovation.

The Suicided Voice is the first in a cycle of three interactive vocal works. The piece explores the notion of voicing and the digital /physical embodiment of the voice beyond the larynx. Extended vocal techniques are coupled with live processing to expose the multiplicity, potency and depth of the voice’s digital Otherness.

There are no pre-recorded sound files used in this piece and no external sound manipulations. The piece is fully scored with few moments of improvisation. The performer is required to both generate the acoustic sound and process and manipulate on the limbs of the body multiple digital ‘voices’ and soundscapes while navigating a complex live interactive MSP environment. The piece requires a very distinct aural, technical and cross-model perception on the part of the performer that makes this a fascinating performance to witness as well as hear.

The Suicided Voice was made in residency at the Banff Centre in Canada and completed in the electro-acoustic music studio facilities at the University of Huddersfield. The piece had it’s first performance at the Sonic Arts Expo in 2005 and will be performed again in Montreal and New York in 2007.

The Suicided Voice
The Suicided Voice
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Mark Bokowiec