Rose Dodd - Transient I

In Transient I focus on the integration of the "strings" timbre of the classical acoustic instrumental world into the extreme of the acousmatic genre. The origination of string sounds forms the central material of Transient I. The sublime nature of conventional classical string texture is subverted; string presentation here is undeniably brutal and 'off message'. Plucked string articulations launch the piece towards their more synthetic counterpoint. A contorted middle string section is encountered before the transient retraces its journey through a more sublime acousmatic environment. String sounds are recontextualised in Transient I by journeying through primarily a synthetic background. Key moments are signposted through conventional string portrayal; strings in their "natural" form. Transient I demonstrates an unstable character, neither wishing to be caught or even stabilised. String sounds are perceived to be between the acoustic instrumental, electroacoustic & acousmatic environments. The string sounds as "transient".

Transient I gained a prize in the Residency category at Bourges 1997, Second Prize in the Tape music category of the 18th Luigi Russolo competition 1996, and a Special prize in the EAR'95 Magyar Hungarian radio competition.

Transient I
St-Paul's Hall



Rose Dodd