Francesco Giomi - Agnaby

Agnaby is an electroacoustic drama freely inspired by the novel L'Etranger by Albert Camus. It is also an attempt to get in touch, from a musical point of view, with Arab culture and language.

The material is derived from (1) environmental sounds of the Arab urban life and culture; (2) fragments from Arab traditional music and texts; (3) excerpts from the French text of the book read by Daniel Arfib. The objects, having pre-existing functions and carrying intrinsic associations and meanings, have been processed with different algorithms in order to create different degrees of transformation and recognizability.

The formal structure of the piece is divided into two parts; the first allows the idea of a story taking place in an open and free space, with its noises and its sonic life; the second moves along the idea of a close and narrow environment, the courthouse of the novel, with its people, its atmospheres and its more introverted and predestined character.

Realized at the Sheffield University Sound Studio

Sonic Arts Network Concert 2
St-Paul's Hall