Diego Garro - Voci dall'aldiqua

The title Voci dall'aldiqua is play-on-word that means approximately 'voices from the material world'. In the context of the title, the word 'aldiqua' is meant to contrast the world 'aldila', one of the thousands different ways Italians refer to heaven or, broadly speaking, to life-after-death.

In Voci dall'aldiqua my intention was to use some particular transformations on to a limited set of vocal sounds as a triggering tool to develop a more general musical discourse. Thus my first concern was the creation of a coherent flow of musical information in which sometimes the vocal component is incidentally predominant and sometimes it is merely marginal.

The word voices mentioned in the title, therefore, has to be read in a broad extent. Along the piece, sometimes the 'voice' is human voice, clearly recognizable, either speaking or singing. Sometimes it is human voice deeply transformed, almost unrecognizable. Some other times the 'voice' is metaphorically speaking, the echo of the material world responding to the human call (or curse?). Therefore, human voices and inhuman sounds chase each other, blend and struggle depicting a separation between natural and supernatural that no longer exists.

The finale features the triumph of human voice singing an angelic chant which, nevertheless, dissolves in a sort of self-decomposition: does the transience deprive human attributes from beauty and spirituality?