Yves Daoust - La Gamme

April 1981. The Studio Charybde (GMEB) has become my refuge l am surrounded by electronic equipment. All these electron-twisters make me feel a little dizzy. I open the window for some fresh air. From the courtyard, faint sounds rrom the adjoining music school come to me. Scales go up and down, slow and meticulous, fast, restless, hesitant, naïve, virtuoso. The sounds mingle, overlap one another, and yet are drawn together by a single desire: order.

A stranger, so to speak, to the electronic tradition, I first tackled this complex apparatus of analog synthesis at the Bourges studio with the naivety of a child practising scales I was fascinated and awestruck by the rich raw sound produced by these machines. I took the oscillators at their word: I made these little producers of "pure" sound sing, groan, scream, and mostly spin in a sort of staggering and frenetic dance of electronic scales and arpeggios.

This piece was commissioned by the GMEB

La Gamme
St-Paul's Hall