Electric Spring Awakening

The culmination of an educational project supported by the National Lottery through the Arts Council of England, involving students from Huddersfield Technical College and Bradford and llkley Community College, directed by Chris Adams and Dave Collins.

A year ago electric spring applied for funding from the Arts Council's Lottery- funded A4E Express scheme to expand its activities. The application was successful and the results can be heard in today's complementary events: a concert of music by one of the founding fathers of electronic music, Karlheinz Stockhausen, and before that, an entirely new work, created by students of Bradford and llkley Community College and Huddersfield Technical College. (As a pre-festival curtain-raiser, some of the students' individual works were heard in a night of dance-music at the Eden nightclub on Wednesday.) They have taken Stockhausen's ideas about the relationship of music and technology as a starting point but have then translated those ideas from the standpoint of a generation who have grown up in a world where imaginary soundscapes are an everyday reality rather than a utopian dream.

St-Paul's Hall


Chris Adams
Dave Collins
Bill Vince