Stewart Worthy - Sonata for percussion and voice WW

The word 'sonata' is used in its most general sense and does not relate to the form of the piece. The music consists of sections constructed from just percussion samples (including piano) interspersed with sections made from just voice samples- all of which derive from two words- 'shadows' and 'light'- sung by a female singer. To begin with the first percussion section becomes twice the length of the initial section whilst the subsequent voice section becomes half the length of the previous one. The basic outline of the piece therefore is a merging of two differently constructed sections which inversely change their duration.

The most used intervals in the piece are that of a 4th/5th, mainly because chords of looped samples can be built up evenly, all twelve tones being used before octaves appear. I also tried, whenever I could, to use 4th/5ths in the melodic shapes of single lines.