Geoff Cox - Vita Interior WW

This piece uses four stereo samples all derived from long tones played on a tenor saxophone. Each tone, from a different register, was first sampled then "granularised" using the sequencer and recording on to DAT via some signal processing (chorus, reverb and pitch changes) and equalisation . These recordings were then themselves sampled, trimmed and looped, creating the only sounds used in the music.

Three of the granular textures (x, y and z) are fixed on a single tone, whilst one, (w) uses different pitches taken from note sequences used in the harmonic structure of the processor. Careful adjustment of its EQ in conjunction with this, created a sound most distant from its origins. With the other three textures I found that by adjusting the envelopes on the sampler I could finely tune their noise/pitch ratio. Thus: x - very rough, noisy, y - a kind of breathy chord and z - mostly pitch with a delivery like steel.

Taking a deliberately conservative approach to the music I based it, structurally on pitched (even tonal) harmony. Various note sequences (all derived from one set), build up, overlap and abate - each note entry determining both metre and tempo which are changing every bar. All pitches are accompanied by their own crescendo/diminuendo. Two macro-forms are also operating, i.e. a varying textural density which gradually increases to a climax, then thins out and a slow upward then downward trend, pitchwise. For the first two thirds of the piece only samples x, y and z are heard but at the climax, sample w enters to lead the music off to its calming conclusion.

The title refers to the " inner life" of a music superficially ambient in nature but which reveals, on closer listening, a rich rhythmic and textural interplay, derived largely from the overlapping and thus the moving in and out of phase of looped pitches, made more complex by the continually changing tempo.