Mark Bokowiec - Zero in the Bone

Zero in the Bone, written for Barrie Webb, is a continuation of my research into the design of 'Virtual Instruments' and interactive performance spaces.

The aim of the piece was to create a completely new instrument and performance environment taking as a starting point the dynamics and character of the trombone.

Various proximity sensors are employed; capacitive, inductive, infrared and ultrasonic.

These sensors are built into the performance space so that the instrumentalist can affect various sound tran sforma tion parameters by using a customised trombone slide.

The control voltages from the sensors are connected to 2 multichannel analogue to midi convertors.

The midi controller information is fed to the digital sound processors via a midi controlled router which in turn is controlled by the host computer. The computer is used to store and sequence the necessary program change information to the sound processors and router, and also to store pre-composed electroacoustic soundfiles - used as carrier information for the vocoder patches used in the piece.

High brightness LEDs mounted in the sensor elements and a visible laser assist the performer to establish physical orientation within the performance space.

Zero in the Bone
Concert 1
St-Paul's Hall



Barrie Webb