Bruno Maderna - Musica su due Dimensioni (1958)

Musica su due Dimensioni was written for Severino Gazzelloni who pioneered many of the new playing techniques which became such a feature of avant-garde flute music in the 1950s and '60s. The work exists in two versions. The first, written in 1952 and given a single performance in the Darmstadt Summer School that year, has the historical distinction of being the very first work for pre-recorded tape and live performer. Musically, it adopts the same formal solution to the problem of integrating taped and instrumental as Varese's Deserts (1949-54) by alternating tape and instrumental sections. Although the first performance was recorded, the performing materials for the piece disappeared for many years and the version to be heard tonight has been reconstructed by Roberto Fabbriciani.

Musica su due Dimensioni
Concert 3
St-Paul's Hall