John Warhurst - In Dreams

This composition was inspired by a John Adams piece, Harmonielehre. Adams based this work on a dream in which he saw a huge tanker rise out of the San Francisco Bay and take off like a rocket into the stratosphere. In Dreams is my re-interpretation of this vision.

The piece is in three main sections. The first re-creates the energy required to propel the tanker skywards. I have used the opening of Harmonielehre as a starting point, which the listener is then pulled from the Adams piece into the dream. The middle section starts as the tanker breaks free of the atmosphere and floats, as if weightless, through space. This part is the deepest, most relaxed part of the journey. As with all dreams, they eventually come to an end and the third section realises this. Eventually, the mood becomes more restless as noises from the outside world intrude on the dream, dragging the listener back to the conscious world.

In Dreams
Concert 1
St-Paul's Hall