Sylvain Pohu

Sylvain Pohu is a composer, improviser and guitarist and founding member of the contemporary jazz ensemble [iks] and, since 2007, is also its artistic director. Having released six albums since its formation in 1997, the ensemble has participated in a great number of internationally well-known jazz festivals.

As an electroacoustic composer and improviser, Sylvain Pohu has participated in numerous festivals and in 2005 was awarded SOCAN's 3rd place Hugh-Le-Caine award – electroacoustic composition category – as well as the Public's Choice award in 2007 at the international electroacoustic composition competition SCRIME, held that year in Bordeaux.

Another dimension of Sylvain's work is the design and production of sound installations and vidéomusique pieces. Also an active member of the Ligue d'improvisation musicale de Montréal (Montreal Musical Improvisation League), he has been a team leader since 2004. Parallel to the aforementioned activities, Sylvain is currently researching the role of improvisation in the compositional process and in real-time processing in conjunction with a master's degree whose aim is to explore the expressive possibilities of improvised electroacoustic music.

Works presented