Ricardo Climent

Ricardo Climent works in areas of music composition and interactive media, involving the use of audio and visual metadata. Currently, he serves as co-director of the NOVARS Research Centre, University of Manchester. Ricardo has served as resident composer and researcher at the JOGV Orchestra in Spain, Conservatorio of Morelia in Mexico, Sonology - Kunitachi College of Music, Tokyo, LEA labs, at the Conservatorio of Valencia, the Cushendall Tower- In you we trust, Northern Ireland, at CARA- Celebrating Arts in rural Areas, cross-border Ireland and N.K. Berlin. He was involved in the creation of a number of collaborative projects, such as, The Microbial Ensemble, (repertoire for a bunch of microbes, with Quan Gan) and The Carxofa Electric Band (a children's project using vegetables and Electronics with iain McCurdy).